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Paul Kiler | Ep6

on Art, Church, and Visio Divina

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Paul Kiler has always had a keen eye for observing and creating beauty. Through photography, 3D sculpture, stained glass, and more recently perfume composing. His life’s work, in his own words, is “to bring back the Protestant Church into a positive relationship with images”. One of his many ways of reconnecting the church with art is to develop a way of worshiping using images called Visio Divina, which is based on the ancient practice, Lectio Divina, of Scripture reading and meditation. Jacob and I spoke with Paul on an evening in June for a small gathering at Madison St. Church in Riverside California.

- PDF of Paul’s Artwork
- PK Perfumes
- Commercial Photography site
- Ministry to Artists and Creatives Blog
- Artworks of Ecclesiastical and Liturgical subjects and commissions
- Visio Divina

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